Celebrity Choice

Celebrity Choice

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Cash in on the never-ending interest in celebrities with this outstanding off beat prediction effect! Perfect for cabaret or small audiences.

You show a large colourful A4 picture of a mystic looking man in a red turban, explaining that with his help you can read minds.

You now show several A6 size cards each of which has the name of an easy to recognise celebrity boldly printed upon in – all are different with no duplicates.
An audience member selects one of the cards and while he shows the chosen celebrity name to the audience, you hold the mystic picture up before your face so that you cannot peep at the choice.

Let’s say the choice is Elvis Presley. Still with your face concealed you try to read the audience's mind and reveal the selection but to no avail – so you admit defeat and ask for the chosen celebrity to be named and they call out “Elvis Presley”.
Instantly the picture in front of your face opens downwards doubling in size and showing it is a laminated folder with an A4 size picture of Elvis Presley, below the picture in big bold letters it reads ‘Elvis Lives Okay!’

The effect allows an alternative celebrity’s face to be shown and the name cards supplied (which can be examined) are useful in many other effects – the method has puzzled many leading magicians and mentalists worldwide.

Comes complete with the special celebrity name cards, picture folder & instructions.

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