Piddingtons' Psychometry Test

Piddingtons' Psychometry Test

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The Amazing Piddingtons were a husband-wife team who performed one of the most famous radio and stage telepathy acts during the 1950s.

During World War II Sydney Piddington was imprisoned for four years in the dreaded Changi Camp, immortalised by fellow prisoner Russell Braddon, author of The Naked Island (1952). After his release from the camp, Sydney returned to Australia where he met and married actress Lesley Pope in 1946.

The couple worked up a telepathy act based on Sydney's experience in Changi jail, and the Piddingtons became a successful show on Australian radio.

In 1949 the couple came to England, where they appeared for eight weeks on BBC radio programmes, when they became a sensational success almost overnight. Twenty million listeners were estimated to be tuned into their programme.
During one of these incredible broadcasts “The Piddingtons” performed a Psychometry test made popular by Ted Annemann, but with the additional feature that the objects were collected in one large paper envelope which then was shaken, so the objects became mixed together, nevertheless they were telepathically returned to their correct owners.

Everyone had their pet theories about how it might be done, and part of their success was the challenge by the Piddingtons, "You are the judge."

The Piddingtons made telepathy a topic of conversation throughout Britain, and years later there has been no revelation of trickery. Sceptics have not offered a viable explanation, other than a hoax by the BBC.

Eddie was fortunate to see a live performance by “The Amazing Piddingtons” and from notes made just after their performances and constant research over the past 50 years, he has pieced together the TRUE secrets of this amazing couple – secrets that he has kept to himself for all that time.

Now at last he is revealing the exact methods they used, starting with this amazing but very practical easy to do Psychometry routine.

The routine can either be performed as a couple as did the Piddingtons, or as a one person feature to really astound your audiences making them really sit up and take notice.

Remember the objects are collected in a large shown empty envelope which is then shaken thoroughly to mix the items inside, they are then removed one at a time and a description of the owner given – before being correctly returned “telepathically” to the correct owner.

For a climax the last object is correctly described before it is even removed from the envelope!

A simple easy to use gimmick is responsible and we supply this, together with a routine and suggestions for several different presentations it readily lends itself to.

This is a thoroughly practical method that despite the years that have passed is eminently suitable for the modern mentalist of the 21st Century. Highly recommended!

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