Perverse Prediction Clock

Perverse Prediction Clock

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Based on the ever-popular Clock Trick this is the perfect display item for your close-up and parlour magic, and we even supply a routine for stand-up performers that doesn’t use the Clock!

A laminated clock face is placed face upwards upon the table and a spectator mentally freely chooses any number from one through to twelve, using this number a playing card is selected from the shuffled pack.

You claim that on the back of the clock is a prediction of the chosen card, the spectator turns over the clock and reads out loud the boldly printed prediction which reads: ‘You will NOT choose the Two of Spades.’

You point out that the Four of Hearts is NOT the Two of Spades and so your prediction is 100% correct, but your spectators are not impressed – that is until the rest of the pack is spread face upwards and each and every card proves to be the Two of Spades; the spectator has chosen the only odd or perverse card in the pack!

Very easy to do. A professional presentation that you will love to perform.

Comes complete with the special pack of quality Bicycle poker sized playing cards (cards vary from set to set), laminated Prediction Clock & instructions.

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