Mousetrap - Mre

Mousetrap - Mre

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Mousetrap is a great close-up and parlour display effect that is suitable for children or adults.

The cute mouse and colourful houses lending instant appeal!

You place a row of laminated cards each with a colourful picture of a houses upon the table or showing on a stand (stand not supplied).

Any spectator names a number from one to six or tosses a die and upon the card indicated by this number is placed a picture of Monty a cheeky mouse that is looking for a safe house for the night.

Anyone turns over the house cards not selected to show that each contains a picture of an evil-looking mousetrap on its opposite side.

The card indicated by the chosen number is now turned over to show that it is a picture of a large piece of cheese all ready for Monty's supper!

Everything can now be left for examination. The effect is easy to do requiring no sleight of hand or similar.

Mousetrap is supplied complete & ready for you to perform with all the laminated jumbo cards & full instructions including three different presentations.

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