Auto Suggestion - A6 Pocket Size - Mr E

Auto Suggestion - A6 Pocket Size - Mr E

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Here is a fantastic routine in two parts, using A6 pocket size colourful and laminated pictures of fantasy cars.

Two spectators each receive a set of different coloured cars and despite their having a free choice of how they deal them out – they always succeed in exactly matching each other as to the colour and style of car they deal.

In the second part of the routine they both deal their cars into any sort of order – and when they are shown each and every car matches exactly!

*No fakes of any kind are used. The magic happens while everything is in their hands.
*It is difficult to give this routine the write-up it deserves – as the effect is absolutely stunning!
*The colourful pictures of cars are handy to keep in your jacket pocket and are perfect for close-up and table-hopping work, they make a nice change from symbols and designs.

Comes complete in three different sizes A6 POCKET SIZE, A5 Jumbo Size and A4 Giant Size.

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