Psychic Protection - A6 Pocket Size

Psychic Protection - A6 Pocket Size

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We have remade this popular effect now in A6 Pocket size cards for the close-up performer.

A member of the audience acts as a potential murderer – perhaps his motivation is that he hasn’t enjoyed your magic so far!

You take out and display three pictures of the means to your end; a poisoned goblet, an axe and a hangman’s noose.

Explaining that the ‘murderer’ is to have a free choice of his murder weapon you have attempted to predict which one he will choose and have taken precautions to psychically protect yourself from this one weapon – if you have been successful you live but if you have failed the spectator then takes your full fee for that evening’s show and you starve to death!

The murderer is instructed to make his choice and you attempt to influence this, but it seems you have chosen the wrong spectator – for the ‘murderer’ clearly has a free choice of weapon to bring about your downfall.

At the climax all is well, for you show that your Psychic Protection has not let you down and you have correctly predicted which of the three weapons the murderer has freely chosen!

Psychic Protection has loads of natural humour and fun that your audience will really enjoy.

Supplied complete with pocket sized cards and all patter ready for you to perform. It is dead easy to do requiring no special skill, so you can relax and have fun with your audience through this superb presentation.

The cards are now available in three sizes A6 Pocket Size, A5 Parlour & walkabout size and A4 for Stage & Cabaret, all are laminated for long life.

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