Significant Tarot

Significant Tarot

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Based on a little known classic mental prediction effect, this is the perfect routine for performers who wish to include Tarot type readings in their work – climaxed by a stunning prediction of the spectator’s ‘Significant Card’.

Showing a pack of mystic Tarot cards you explain that there is one Significant Card that indicates the immediate future of each and every one of us and the card is different for each person.

A spectator, who has expressed a desire for a reading, freely mixes a pack of Tarot cards. You point out that the cards are all different and how difficult it would be for anyone to recognise their own particular Significant Card for the coming year.

You further explain that the participant does not have to search for their individual card among the seventy-eight cards of the tarot as a psychic can use their intuition and sense the correct card – tradition also has it that you don’t find the card, the card finds you!

So saying, you write a prediction of the back of one of your business cards, which is left in full view.

The participant now cuts the pack and shows the card they have freely cut at from which you give a reading explaining the significance of this card to the individual’s past. One more card is freely cut to and the reading continues with more revelations about the spectator’s present life.

Finally, the pack is cut to a card which is removed by the participant, face downwards – this you explain will be their Significant Card as to their near future.

You explain the significance of this card concerning the participant’s prospects and finally they turn the card face upwards – let’s say that it turns out to be ‘The Lovers’ (the card is different every time) the participant turns over your business card and there written plainly in ink or pencil is the name of their special Significant Card!

Proof indeed that you really can see into their future!

No set-up pack. Use any pack of Tarot cards even a borrowed pack. Cards are genuinely shuffled by the participant.

Can also be used with a regular pack of cards.

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