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Imagine the look on their faces when you appear to control an audience members mind with this devastating effect.

Symbolismic isn't just another mental trick using symbol cards – it’s a fantastic prediction that you will feature time and again!

You show a large A4 size envelope with the top cut off – a single large A4 size card is popping out of the top in which you claim to have drawn a symbol before the show.

The envelope can be given to any spectator to hold in full view and you don’t go anywhere near it again.

Next, you show several boldly printed symbol cards either displayed on a stand or fanned between your hands and the audience can see that each and every symbol is different. The cards are laminated for long life.

The packet of symbol cards are closed and shuffled.
Any spectator gives you a number from one to ten – there is no force of this number and they can select any one they wish including one and ten.

The symbol at this position is openly displayed. Immediately the spectator holding your prediction envelope is invited to remove the one large card it holds and show it to the audience – you have correctly predicted that very symbol!

Symbolismic is a direct easy to follow effect that is simple in execution yet will completely astonish any audience. You would be hard-pressed to find anything better.

Please note the following points:
*The prediction can be changed for repeat performances.
*The choice of number is completely free.
*No multiple outs or anything similar.
*Only one symbol the chosen one, is on the prediction card which can be freely handled and examined by a spectator.

Supplied complete with the special laminated symbol cards & laminated prediction cards but you can draw your prediction symbol on a sheet of paper if you prefer. Very easy to do!

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