Party Hat Tear

Party Hat Tear

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Andy Amyx has released the classic party hat tear that now comes with coloured step by step instructions plus twelve ready to perform hat tears.

This makes a great give-away and the recipients will wear the hats with pride, making a firm impression on everyone's mind of the clever you that made them, as if by magic, out of two pieces of sneezing paper;a tissue, a tissue!

It is a real fun item to perform and so easy to do.

You display two sheets of tissue paper and tear them into two different pieces giving two sheets to your volunteer from the audience who is instructed to tear their pieces just like you. We will restore our pieces together" you announce.

The volunteer is left with several torn pieces, get him to throw them in the air like confetti and as they descend wish him a happy new year or birthday or whatever he is celebrating.

Meanwhile you take their pieces and add them to yours & restore the paper to an attractive Party Hat which you place on the volunteer's head.

This is an easy to use great give-away item, supplied with full instructions and the basic routine. We have added the two gags above to show how we present it - it's great audience participation fun with a terrific magical climax!

Contains 12 hat tears and different colours. At our low price it is not to be sneezed at!

Only £9.99

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