Lucky Envelopes

Lucky Envelopes

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Here is a low cost effect that is capable of many variations and all ready for you to perform. A close-up winner!

Show six envelopes all boldly printed with numbers from 1 to 6. Spectators roll a die and whichever number comes up they get that envelope. You are left with the last envelope.

Everyone opens their envelopes and the spectators just find blank pieces of paper.

You open your envelope and find it is full of genuine banknotes!

The ideal gambling routine that comes complete with colourful unfaked envelopes and two special dice which you can use for many other ideas;

* Birthday child receives the last envelope and wins the star prize - while the other children only receive lollipops.

* Gentlemen receive notes saying 'It's not YOU I love' while the last man receives a note to cuddle and kiss his own wife!

* Any Russian Roulette routine with knives, guns, hangman's nooses, spikes or broken bottles etc - you always end up with the final safe choice.

The effects are only limited by your own imagination.

Comes complete with the envelopes, two dice & instructions. Very easy to do.

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