My Word

My Word

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This Expert Crosswords mental effect by Dan Harlan is word-perfect for table hopping, close-up, television or indeed most performing situations, no set-up required as it is all ready to go anywhere-anytime!

Reveal any word chosen, from any puzzle, in this Expert Crosswords Booklet!

A spectator opens the booklet to any page, selects any puzzle, concentrates on any word and YOU REVEAL IT letter by letter, without peeking, 'fishing', or making any mistakes!

You also know the answer to any clue on any page. A spectator names ANY page number, ANY clue number and you know the answer without ever opening the book! No memory work & no assistance.

Please note: We are delighted that we have been able to get a limited number of My Word for our discriminating customers and at a very low price, as it is about to be discontinued and will not be reprinted once present stocks are sold out, so don't delay get yours now while we still have them!

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