Eureka Card Prediction

Eureka Card Prediction

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Place a sealed envelope in full view, or post it in advance to a celebrity attending your show – or even hang it where it can be seen but cannot be easily reached.

You never touch it again!

Show a pack of playing cards and slowly deal them onto a table or tray until anyone calls you to stop.

No force; they stop you when they wish.

A spectator freely turns over the card at that position – let’s say it is the eight of hearts.

Show that the card before and after it are different cards – turn the cards already dealt face up to show they are also different – continue to deal cards from the pack face up – all are different cards where the spectator could have stopped you.

Anyone opens the envelope left in full view – and remember you never touch it – inside is a single jumbo card; it is a duplicate of the very card that the spectator stopped at!

No ifs ands or buts. No fake envelope or special jumbo card, they can both be examined. No sleight of hand required.

Perform it close-up, cabaret or stage in fact anywhere a pack of cards can be dealt.

You can even advertise in advance in your local press or national press the name of the card that will be chosen.

Supplied complete and easy to do!

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