Win & Lose

Win & Lose

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Win & Lose is a terrifically entertaining routine in which you appear to have control of the spectator's mind, causing them to lose again and again – then yet again.

You receive a set of jumbo size A5 laminated cards, six of which have the word WIN! Boldly printed on their faces in colour and a single seventh card that has the word LOSE! On its face in plain black. The cards are not faked or marked in any way.

During the fascinating routine during which you appear to increase a participating spectator chance of choosing any one of the winning cards, each time they end up with the Lose card.

In the final sequence each of you in turn will turn a card face upwards – if it is a Win card then you win a point but the person who turns over the Lose card loses everything.

The cards are shuffled and your final game starts by the spectator choosing a number and then turning over the card at this number – he wins a point because they turn over a Win card.

Your turn and you must use the same number chosen by the spectator and you win a point also with a Win card.

To make the game more interesting your money can be involved and the spectator wins a small amount at the beginning – only to lose everything when the Lose card appears at their freely chosen number.

Win & Lose is very easy to do and comes complete with the cards, routine and full instructions so that you can use it straight away.

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