25 Stupid Bar Tricks

25 Stupid Bar Tricks

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Enjoy the 'Happy Hour' even more with this imitation beer can that contains 25 Stupid Bar Tricks.

Actually these tricks are not as stupid as they are billed - there is some very entertaining effects among them that would be ideal to perform in the bar or close-up anywhere.

Attractively packed and displayed 25 Stupid Bar Tricks would make the perfect gift for anyone just starting in magic or a budding new magician as all the tricks are very easy to do and contain such unusual items as Win a Drink Cards, The Four Kings, Long & Short Illusion, Appearing Cigarette, Vanishing Cigarette, Vanishing Handkerchief, Volcanic Eruption, Moving Spots plus many more making a total of 25.

Great to have on your home bar for when you have guests, or on the shelf if you are a landlord, work in a public house or nightclub to entertain your customers and clients with aplomb! What's more the tricks are almost 100% fool proof!

This is the end of what has been a very popular item and once present stocks have been sold they cannot be repeated - so get yours today before they are gone for good. Cheers!

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