The Glide

The Glide

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This is an alternative finish to our popular close-up effect Bottom Deal that is suitable for any audience - and leads them right up the garden path!

You offer to demonstrate a well known magician’s and gambler’s sleight called The Glide and you perform it three times, showing each time that the bottom card of the pack is still in place, despite the fact that you have appeared to deal it face downwards onto the table.

However, the spectators are not convinced perhaps thinking that you are using duplicate cards – so they insist they turn the dealt cards faces upwards on the table.

When they do so they are in for the biggest surprise –and they really have been duped!

A guaranteed laughter maker.

You can perform the effect with the few special cards supplied or add them to your own Bicycle pack – after which the pack can be used for other effects.

Very easy to do and no actual sleight is used or exposed, it is a clever novelty that you will use often! Be the first to show it around in your area.

Comes with the special cards, routine & instructions.

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