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Talking about the strange ability we all have to hallucinate; to imagine seeing, hearing or otherwise sensing people, things or events that are not present or actually occurring, you offer to demonstrate that through the power of suggestion you can induce this phenomenon in almost anyone.

Two, three or even four spectators are invited to take part.

You show a well mixed pack of playing cards and shuffle it. One of the volunteers is now shown the face card of the pack and asked to remember it & this is now dropped in the spectator’s own pocket.

This is now repeated with two, three or even four participants in turn – each should now be thinking of a different card which is placed into their pocket.

You now select a card yourself which is held face down in full view in your hand.

The participants each now name their seen card out loud, but they are shocked to realise they have all named the same card – for example the Ten of Spades!

You now show the card in your hand – this is the Ten of Spades and the rest of the pack can be freely examined – no other Ten of Spades is present.

But what about the cards dropped into the spectators’ pockets?

These are now freely removed by the participants and all prove to be blank faced cards (which if you wish can have written messages on them) or alternatively four of a kind i.e. the Four Aces or Four Queens!

Use your own pack of Bicycle Cards. No sleights are used, no double lifts, no glide moves. Ideal for stage, cabaret & TV.

Comes with the optional blank cards, instructions, patter & special fake.

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