Fantasy - Mre

Fantasy - Mre

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Presenting the most fantastic card prediction routine EVER!

You show three red backed playing cards laying them face down in full view; these are your prediction cards and you never touch them again.

Next you show a blue backed pack of cards and you have three cards chosen by members of the audience while the pack is face upwards.

Incredibly, when the three red backed prediction cards are checked by an audience member they exactly match the three cards selected from the blue backed pack, but there is more!

The three chosen cards are now turned face down and they also have RED backs matching your prediction cards, while the rest of the pack are shown to have BLUE backs, but there is more!

The blue backed pack is now turned face upwards and your audience are in for a major shock; all the faces of the cards have vanished without a trace – you have nothing but a completely BLANK faced pack of cards!

*An incredible and original card mystery.
*A true stunner that takes their breath away!
*No switch of cards or sleights involved.
*Easy to do - learn it in minutes.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle cards & instructions.

Only £12.99

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