Professional Secrets of Stage & Cabaret Hypnotism

Professional Secrets of Stage & Cabaret Hypnotism

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A complete course in stage & cabaret hypnotism revealing the TRUE psychological methods used for the very first time!

You will be able to present your very own, complete programme of mystifying and comical hypnotic entertainment after careful study of this fascinating book, the only one of its kind ever published.

Mr Eddie Burke, a highly experienced professional practising hypnotic entertainer, guides you towards your goal and teaches you the “never revealed before in print” TRUE methods of obtaining sensational results in the world of stage & cabaret hypnosis.

Everything is carefully & explicitly explained and nothing is left out. Not only does Eddie teach you his own closely guarded secrets, but also he reveals the undisclosed methods used for over fifty years by possibly the UK’s greatest hypnotic entertainers!

The 60-plus A4 pages of this book teach you how to do some wonderful & comical hypnotic feats and they also give you Eddie’s own complete routine, with full working knowledge. Eddie tells you how to obtain your very first subjects and to practice your routines, leading you up to your very own thrilling show!

Because only a few entertainers understand how to create and perform a truly sensational hypnotic show, the demand for this wonderful entertainment has never been greater. Just look at the great success of Paul McKenna on television!

A few chairs and you are all ready to perform, for any type of adult audience, anywhere, anytime, earning about five times the fee of the average magic show!

YOU are the show and you are always ready to perform!

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