Drinks Direct - Mre

Drinks Direct - Mre

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This is the PERFECT Magic Breathalyser Test!

Using laminated A5 size picture cards of various alcoholic drinks you, the magician, are always able to get an alcoholic drink while spectators are only able to get Cola or Milk!

You show a number of cards each containing a different picture of an alcoholic beverage. There is Ale, Wine, Whisky and several other drinks to choose from.

Each card is shown back and front after which the cards are shuffled together.

You now show how you can get an instant drink direct by counting the cards down until only one left in your hand; this proves to be an alcoholic drink.

The spectator tries the same thing but ends up with a non-alcoholic Cola.

Again you take the cards and are left with a second alcoholic drink.

A second spectator gives it a try and ends up with non-alcoholic milk!

If you wish, you can produce the drinks they have won from a box or bag on your table giving them as a prize, to the amusement of all their friends and relatives in the audience.

We supply the eight laminated A5 drinks cards which can be examined as none of them are faked in any way, plus the clever routine and full instructions.

This really is one to pull on the boys and girls at the club or bar but is also suitable for parlour and small audiences. Easy to do!

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