Hocus Pocus Hare

Hocus Pocus Hare

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Complete with a humorous Hank Moorhouse routine, a new and different effect where Mr Hare changes from white to brown and then back again. But wait, aren't you just turning Mr Hare around?

No it can't be, because on the back of Mr. Hare is - Mr. Hare's back!

Finally, Mr. Hare disappears because as we all know... hare today - gone tomorrow! Perfect for children's shows.

The magician shows a cute picture of a rabbit in a hat to his young audience.

Taking the picture behind his back, the magicians claims that he'll be able to make the rabbit turn around. When the picture comes back into view, the rabbit is seen to be turned around.

But the children suspect that something is up; they assume that the magician simply turned the rabbit around behind his back, and is now showing them the opposite side of the picture.

The magician repeats the "trick" and the children scream at him. They know how it's done! Not so!

In the end, the magician shows the children that on one side of the picture is a brown rabbit, and on the other side is a question mark hovering above the hat.

The white rabbit is gone!

Extremely easy to do. Packs flat and plays BIG. A charming piece of fun magic.

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