Learner Trick

Learner Trick

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A truly great comedy routine and an outstanding effect!

Offering to teach a member of your audience how to become a magician; you dress your volunteer up in suitable clothing to make him appear more mystic and hang an L-plate around his neck to show that he is still a learner.

A pack of playing cards is shown both faces and backs which are then mixed a little and a second person takes a card from anywhere in the pack – they really do have a free choice of any of the cards which are fanned face down for them to choose any one.

Just in case anything should go wrong an Emergency Envelope is passed to your Learner Magician for safekeeping in his pocket. Now your Learner Magician (or mentalist) attempts to read the spectator’s mind and reveal the chosen card with rather mixed results, as everything appears to be going wrong!

So the Emergency Envelope is opened to find it contains a single card – is it their card? That would be giving the game away at this point, sufficient to say that all is well at the finish leaving the audience laughing and clapping your Learner Magician or mindreader.

We promise you that this really is both an excellent trick and a first class comedy routine that you will really enjoy performing – no it is NOT the old gag of the correct card on the back of the L-plate! This really is something special that you will enjoy performing again and again.

You can perform Learner Trick anywhere – under any conditions and it will always prove a winner with audiences everywhere! At this low Mr. E price you cannot possibly go wrong. Highly recommended for those of you that want to really entertain. Get yours today and be the first to present it in your area, this is highly commercial stuff.

No skill is required and it is very easy to do, in fact, you will learn it in just five minutes flat! We supply the L-plate and a superb pack of playing cards that does all the work for you.

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