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A sure Hell-Fire effect straight from deepest Hades!
Six laminated picture cards are shown and your spectator freely touches the back of any one of them. When the freely chosen card is turned over it is the picture of a female Vampire – showing her teeth and ready for a bite at the spectator’s throat. All the remaining cards are now shown to be pictures of the very DEVIL himself.

Again the effect is repeated but it doesn’t matter which card the spectator freely selects they ALWAYS get the odd picture out!

Finally there is a totally unexpected climax that shakes them for six – after which all the cards can be freely examined.
•Only six picture cards are used and they can be left for examination.
•A sure Hell-Fire effect!
•Leaves everyone completely stunned!
•All the laminated picture cards are included together with step by step instructions.
•Easy to do.

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