Mind Word

Mind Word

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An incredible mental masterpiece! Eight laminated cards are shown on which ten words common to the English language are printed upon each one. The cards are mixed and handed out to eight spectators. Any of the spectators reads the words on his card out loud and all the other seven confirm that the self-same ten words are boldly printed onto their cards.

Unfaked legitimate papers and pens are now passed to each spectator.

Each of the participating spectators now secretly commit any one of the words that they wish to memory – there is no force, they can choose any one of the ten words they wish and then secretly write this on their paper, which they fold and pass to any one of their number.

One participant is now chosen for the test and told to simply concentrate on their selected word.

The papers are freely mixed and one by one they are passed to the performer who unfolds each paper and reads out aloud the word written upon it – the participant is told to answer each time with the words: “Not my word!” Perhaps playing the part of Agatha Christie’s debonair Poirot or some other favourite detective, as each word is called – the performer is closely watching the participant’s body language during this.

The task is for the performer to spot any change in body language and detect the person’s freely chosen word. After all eight words have been called out you cannot fail to reveal the spectator’s chosen word!

Can immediately be repeated with another spectator and a different word.

Remember, the papers are not marked in any way, in fact, anyone can supply them and you don’t need to touch them beforehand. Nor do you need to touch any of the word cards or go near them once the words have been chosen. No extra cards or papers are needed.

Nothing else is used save the word cards and ordinary papers and pencils. No confederates, peeking, one ahead or anything similar. We doubt you will ever have come across a subtler, more ingenious, more baffling or convincing secret than this brilliant easy to do mental stunner!

Comes complete with eight laminated word cards, routine & instructions. Use your own pens or pencils and paper or blank cards, that are completely unfaked.

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