Out to Lunch

Out to Lunch

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A marvellous mini Indian Rope Trick! This terrific close-up effect is now available again - with coloured pictures.

Show a small card with a picture of an Indian boy climbing a rope mysteriously rising from a basket as per the famous Indian Rope Trick.

Any spectator writes his initials in the basket and also the back of the card.

You tell the story of how the Indian boy climbed the rope and then vanishes without trace, asking, "Do you know where he goes?"

The card has been in full view of the spectators and picture side down at all times.

Amazingly, the signed card when turned picture side up shows the boy has vanished and left a sign hanging on the rope saying that he is now 'Out to Lunch'.

The signed card can now be left with the spectator as a souvenir if you so wish. Ideal to give away with your advertising sticker on the back.

Comes with about two-dozen give away 'Out to Lunch' picture cards or by using a pencil you can erase the initials and then re-use the cards again and again & instructions.

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