Farmyard Fun

Farmyard Fun

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This is a delightful routine for both children & adults.

The children join in the fun making the correct animal noises for the five farmyard animals that you introduce one by one, while silly you keep getting the animal sounds all mixed up – it is traditional timeless children’s fun and humour.

You put down a small bag and never touch it again.

One at a time you introduce five small plastic models of the cutest farm animals ever seen.

One by one four of the animals are eliminated until only one remains.

Anyone opens the bag containing your prediction – which is found to be the exact twin of the remaining animal! A wonderful novel and a very appealing effect!

No words can do justice to the fantastic reaction you will get every time you perform Farmyard Fun in your show; it has excitement, interest and loads of audience participation!

At the climax the children all receive sweeties and the adults present will be just as thrilled and baffled as to how you correctly predicted the selected animal. Ideal for your close-up and parlour shows.

Comes complete with five cute plastic farm animal models & instructions.

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