Egg from Handkerchief

Egg from Handkerchief

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A great fun trick suitable for all ages. Ideal as a running gag and it has been used this way by the one & only Tommy Cooper. A truly silly item that is really fun to watch.

You show a colourful handkerchief both front and back to have a picture of your Magic Hen a comical looking cartoon bird with great appeal.

Fold the handkerchief and then saying cluck, cluck, cluck you tip it over a upturned hat or box and to the surprise and delight of your audience out drops a (plastic) egg into the hat!

Repeat it again and again, encouraging your young audience to do the clucking, and dropping more eggs into the hat.

Eggs from Handkerchief is a magical classic that has stood the test of time and yet so easy to do a child could do it. Use your own hat (borrow one from the audience for more fun) or box to catch the eggs.

At the finish you can show all the eggs have vanished without trace and the hat is completely empty!

Comes with the Handkerchief approx 15" x 15" (35cm x 35cm) & instructions.

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