Horse Play - Mre

Horse Play - Mre

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Another great Mr. E trick that is suitable for close-up, walkabout or parlour performances.

You show five laminated blank cards and one more on which is shown a picture of a racehorse and jockey. This card is turned picture side down the back of the card being blank; it is then mixed with the other blank cards.

Pattering about how difficult it is to pick a winner in horse racing – you ask a spectator to choose one of the blank cards, openly predicting that they will not choose the racehorse – but you couldn’t be further wrong as the spectator correctly chooses the racehorse again and again.

Mumbling about beginners luck, you line up the cards ready for the final big race and again the spectator chooses one; the other five cards are eliminated but kept in full view.

This time the spectator has not been so lucky for they have chosen a blank card, but they are in for a big surprise as to a neat line of patter the other five eliminated cards are turned over and each of them now magically has a racehorse and jockey printed upon it!

Comes complete with the six laminated (approx A6 size) jumbo size cards, no extra cards are used and they are quickly re-set, plus instructions.

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