Quick Addition

Quick Addition

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There are some people who can figure out very complex maths calculations in seconds. With Eduardo Kozuch's Quick Addition YOU will be able to perform just like a lightning calculator.

Removing three lists of numbers (from 100 to 1000) from your wallet, and three envelopes, you invite three spectators to each select a number card and an envelope.

Because each envelope has two windows cut into it, each spectator selects two numbers on his chosen card, at random. Once the numbers are picked the magician is instantly able to reveal the total of the six numbers that have been selected!

The numbers are different on all of the cards, and Quick Addition works nothing like the old "Age Cards." It's a baffling mathematical masterpiece, and easy to do!

All the numbers are different. Any number from the 108 may come out.

Use it on stage, cabaret or carry it in your pocket for close-up and table-hopping!

Comes complete with instructions.

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