Soapy Suds

Soapy Suds

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This is a terrific fun trick that will always get your audiences laughing!

Three dirty handkerchiefs are placed in a soap box.

The box is turned upside down and the handkerchiefs are pulled out clean!

Your audience suspects that the dirty handkerchiefs are still in the box. However, once the magician rips up the Soap Box the audience is left wondering 'How did he do that?'

Soapy Suds comes with six Soap Boxes, three printed 'dirty' handkerchiefs, two clean white handkerchiefs and one specially gimmicked handkerchief that does all the work for you, making it very easy to do.

Great value at our price.

Soapy Suds refill packets are also available at small cost so that you can tear up one empty box at every show -please see elsewhere on our website.

Only £10.95

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