Visual Deck Switch Bag

Visual Deck Switch Bag

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You appear on stage with a bag which is see-through on one side. You can show the bag empty by putting your hand inside so that the audience can see your hand through the white net front.

After performing one or two card tricks with a pack that is examined and shuffled by audience members, you have it dropped into the bag and leave it in full view.

Later you return to the bag and appear to remove the deck but what the audience doesn’t realise is that you have swopped the original pack for a fake one such as a Svengali or Stripper deck with which you can now perform further tricks!

This clever bag makes switching decks easy and visual - they will never know how you did it!

Can also be used for switching other items such as envelopes, billets etc

Comes with quality red velvet Switching Bag with white net front (approx 11 x 8.5", 27.5 x 22cm), Eddie's routines & instructions. Use your own accessories.

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