Sankey's Best Mentalism DVD - Odd Bin Item

Sankey's Best Mentalism DVD - Odd Bin Item

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An amazing collection featuring twenty of Sankey's most startling and creative mental effects, includes 'lost Sankey gems!' little known wildly creative, hard-hitting effects from some of Sankey's earliest DVDs.

Over twenty-five years in the making, this DVD contains all of Jay's BEST mental routines, many of these routines require very little sleight-of-hand. Perfect examples of Jay Sankey's own 'mind over muscles' creative philosophy.

Outstanding value, variety & convenience for less than the cost of many one-trick DVDs sold you can now own TWENTY of Jay's BEST mentalist effects on one fantastic DVD. Startling mental effects with symbol cards, wristwatches, playing cards, notepads, newspapers, paper bags, coloured paper and more!

1.SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: A self-working mind-bender with a pack of home made symbol cards.

2.PAIN KILLER: Prediction effect with a shattered watch and a paper clock face!

3.A VERY GOOD YEAR: A totally devious trick involving the date on a borrowed coin.

4.GRAFETTI: 100% impromptu effect where a spectator's own name appears on a card.

5.WHAT IF: Sankey's been freaking people out with this 2-phase notepad routine for over 20 years!

6.SIMULTANEOUS: Super clean 'Do as I Do' handling.

7.TRINITY: Very commercial effect with the names of two spectators, ideal for restaurant and bar work.

8.SIMPLY DIVINE: Impromptu card prediction effects don't get cleaner or more direct than this!

9.COLOUR BLIND: A true miracle with a few coloured slips of paper and small envelopes.

10.SOLITARY CONFINEMENT: One spectator correctly divines another spectator's 'thought of' card.
And ten stunners more!

Running time approximately 2 hours 26 minutes. 1 in stock.

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