Animal Danger - Mr E

Animal Danger - Mr E

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Animal Danger, by our very own Eddie Burke, is a terrific three-part routine using small pictures of animals, a few envelopes and a small easy to make but super gimmick – all of which can be carried in your pocket or wallet.

Part One: Three animal pictures are sealed in envelopes which are then mixed.

Pattering about how we are instinctively able to detect danger you explain that two of the envelopes are wild dangerous animals while the third is a tame and cute pet.

A lady is invited to try and eliminate the two wild animals leaving just the pet as her choice – this she does successfully without a clue as to how she did it!

Everything can be examined.

Part Two: The three animals are again sealed is separate envelopes and freely mixed, the lady is now invited to use her instincts to name the animal concealed in each envelope.

Again she is 100% correct to everyone’s complete astonishment.

Once more the pictures and envelopes can be examined by the audience.

Part Three: In the incredible climax that follows you place a prediction paper in full view and never touch it again.

The participant then slips one of the animals into an envelope, gives one to you and keeps one for herself. With each action she can change her mind if she wishes.

When the written prediction is read out loud you have EXACTLY predicted which animal she has slipped into the envelope and which she has given to you, and also which she has kept for herself.

Everything is again left for examination.

Comes complete with laminated pictures, supply of envelopes & instructions.

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