Double Impact 'Fred'

Double Impact 'Fred'

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You explain that you are thinking of a playing card. “Let’s see if you can name the very card I am thinking about” you say to a spectator. The spectator names any card in a pack of fifty-two, there is no force they simply name any card. “Absolutely correct, the very card I was thinking about!” you claim.

Seeing their disbelief you immediately start to show and count cards from your face up pack. They are to call stop when they see their freely selected card. They never do call stop because their selected card is missing from the pack! Furthermore, there are only fifty-one cards. Proof positive that they did indeed ‘read your mind’!

Now you spread the cards face up for the spectator to merely think of any card that they see and again there is no force. You claim that this time, you will name their card. You name it “FRED”!

They imagine it’s all a joke, until you remove their card face upwards from the pack. You now spread the pack to show the backs are normal. Ask the spectator to turn over their selected card; it has the name ‘FRED’ written on it in big bold permanent letters!

You can use any name in place of ‘Fred’.
We supply the playing cards and a special marking pen, plus fully detailed instructions and a wonderful commercial routine.

No rough & smooth and dead easy to do!

Only £9.99

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