Fate-Ful Attraction

Fate-Ful Attraction

Product ID: 1904

An amazing close-up mental effect in which you appear to read a spectator’s mind not once but twice!

You show six different pictures of attractive ladies together with six pictures of matching gentlemen, for example a photographer and his model, a doctor with a nurse and so on.

You spread out the male pictures and ask a lady to mentally think of any one of the gentlemen and apparently reading her thoughts, you place your choice of female picture face down on the table.

Only then does the lady reveal her choice and this picture is clipped to your prediction using a trombone style paper clip.

The lady or any other spectator can also mentally choose a male picture and again you lay down your choice of matching female mate BEFORE they reveal their mental choice.

When the two sets of pictures are turned over you have exactly matched their free mental choice in both cases; a clear case of mindreading that will leave everyone completely stunned!

No force of choice, no sticky stuff, o one ahead. Very easy to do! A remarkable effect that will increase your reputation whenever you perform it.

Comes complete with all the pocket-sized picture cards, unfaked trombone paperclips & instructions.

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