Five-Star Prediction 2001 - Mre

Five-Star Prediction 2001 - Mre

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This special selection was first released as a Mr. E Exclusive. Previous to this it had been performed in many situations by Eddie Burke for a good many years!

Originally inspired by Eddie Josephs’ brilliant effect Premonition, Eddie Burke wanted to perform the trick without using a pocket index.

It took a lot of trial and error until eventually a combination of ideas originally published by Audley Welsh, Al Koran, Eddie Joseph & George Blake were brought together & added to by Eddie to bring about what proved to be the perfect solution.

After nearly 40 years of baffling audiences with it Eddie eventually released this item in 2001 hence the title, since then it has found its way it to many of our customers' working routines, always with the highest of praise.

A sealed pack of playing cards is dropped into a spectator's own pocket and never touched by you again. You then take out a second pack of cards and show its faces towards the audience. They can see that the cards are all different.

Turning the pack face down you start to deal cards one at a time FACE UP, into the spectator’s outstretched palm.

He sees the face of each and every card clearly as they are dealt. You instruct the spectator to call stop at anytime. He really can stop you on ANY CARD.

Let’s say the card stopped at is the Queen of Spades. You invite the spectator to take the first pack from his pocket and deal these face up, until he comes to the Queen of Spades.

As he deals the cards you count them out aloud. He never does stop at the Queen of Spades because this card is missing from the pack! The pack only contains fifty-one cards.

You now invite the spectator to feel inside your pocket – he finds just one single card, it proves to be the selected card the QUEEN OF SPADES!

A very clever effect made possible by combining the very best ideas of five different mentalists & magicians and brought together as one great trick by Eddie Burke.

Easy to do, with no memory work or sleight of hand involved. The perfect effect for all performing situations.

Comes complete with the two packs of quality Bicycle cards all ready to work & instructions.

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