Cartoon Nail - Odd Bin & Sale Item 2018

Cartoon Nail - Odd Bin & Sale Item 2018

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Cartoon Nail is the pocket version of the well-known “hidden nail under the cup” (Smash & Stab) trick which has many variations.

There are three black envelopes here and each contain a white plastic card. The magician asks the spectator to select one of the white plastic cards and draw a nail on it with the white board marker.

The spectator is asked to mix well the envelopes, one of them containing the white plastic card with the drawing, the other two containing just the empty cards.

The magician finds without mistake the envelope which contains the white plastic card with the drawing!

There is nothing added or taken away during the presentation, no gimmick at all. No magnet, no electronics, no 'built-in' audience member but instead a very simple idea. It can be repeated many times.

Everything can be examined before and after the presentation.

Last but not least this must be the safest trick amongst the “hidden nail under the cup” variations!

Cartoon Nail doesn't even require any sleight of hand or much practising so it is perfect for those of you just starting out in the wonderful world of magic!

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