Objects in Mind

Objects in Mind

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Here is a fascinating and apparently impromptu way of predicting a spectator’s choice from several items taken from your own and the spectator’s pockets.

Any spectator has an absolutely free choice and they can even change their mind! Yet when you reveal your indelible prediction that has been in full view from the start, you have exactly predicted that very object!

*The article is not forced; participant has a perfectly free choice!
*Cannot fail – you are always correct, no ifs and buts!
*Uses everyday things taken from your own or spectator’s pockets.
*No set-up or preparation necessary – always ready to perform.
*Ideal for close-up and table-hopping or you can work it in the very hands of the participants.
*Perform it as mind reading, mind-control, non-verbal communication or even your uncanny ability to predict the future!
*So easy to do that you will perform it just as soon as you open the packet and take out the specially adapted but ordinary-looking special 'something’ that we supply.
*Don’t be put off by the low price – this is a winner that will stun your audience!

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