Loooong Card

Loooong Card

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Most magicians are familiar with the traditional long card trick, but the model we offer here has a ready built in extra climax.

Any spectator selects a playing card and you state that you have that very same matching card in your pocket.

As you begin to remove the card it appears to be the Three of Hearts.

The spectator says that is NOT the matching card, so you continue to pull the card out a bit at a time showing four, five, six, and seven - still they don't match.

You ask the spectator to name his card and he calls out the Eight of Hearts, wherein you pull out the rest of the long card showing it is now a long Eight of Hearts, as you say, "Why didn't you say so in the first place?"

Following the laughter and applause you state, "Last night someone chose the Eight of Spades but I was ready for him!" Thus saying, you turn the card over to show that it is a loooong Eight of Spades on the opposite side!

An easy to do low-cost effect to carry in your pocket all ready to perform close-up, walkabout, stand-up, club or stage. A sure-fire comedy hit with any kind of audience.

Comes with the special double-sided Loooong Card & instructions. Use you own pack of playing cards.

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