Card-Ology - Mr E

Card-Ology - Mr E

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Dealing playing cards faces upwards until a spectator calls stop and passing them that very card stopped at, only to find a exact duplicate of the stopped at card inside your sealed prediction envelope has become a magical classic.

Al Koran performed it on television several times.

Eddie Burke has added an extra touch of fortune telling to this basic plot giving it much more commercial appeal and making it ideal to perform when showing magic either stand-up or at the table.

The ladies will really appreciate this presentation that lends it a mystery that takes it above and beyond being just another clever card trick.

You can use the printed predictions that we supply or you can write your own on a sheet of paper, either way the prediction card is sealed inside the envelope together with the prediction paper which the spectator can then keep.

*Predicted card and prediction paper/card are genuinely sealed inside a ordinary unfaked envelope before the performance starts.
*No skill or sleight of hand is required; the special pack supplied does all the work.
*The stopped at card can be different each time.
*Cards can be spread to show a well mixed pack before the selection is made.
*After you start dealing playing cards faces upwards, the spectator can call stop at anytime and the stopped at card is the one they receive.
*The cards both before and after the selected one can be shown to be different to the stopped at card.

Comes complete with a pack of special Bicycle playing cards, envelopes, predictions (approx 4.5 x 3.25”, 11.5 x 8cm) & instructions.

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