Belcher's Secret Code

Belcher's Secret Code

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You show three different coloured strongly-made gift bags in a row on your table together with a laminated card with the words ‘Secret Code’ boldly printed upon it.

This card is placed into a B5 sized envelope where it can be seen at all times through a window, this is then left in full view.

Next, you show three laminated cards boldly numbered 1, 2, and 3. Two spectators each freely choose one of the numbers for themselves leaving you with the third one.

Lots of fun here as you encourages them to change their mind and so on, let us say that you are left with the number 1, the spectators having numbers 2 and 3.

The Secret Code card is now taken from the window envelope and shows which coloured gift bag each spectator should take according to their freely selected numbers and which is left for you.

The spectators take their own bag and discover a small prize inside such as a small packet of sweets or a bar of chocolate each. Alternatively you can have comedy prizes like half a pound of sausages, a tin of beans or a bottle of beer etc.

You now open your bag to show that it is full of genuine banknotes!

Belcher’s Secret Code is ideal for all types of audiences, with children two of them could receive small gifts while the birthday child receives a larger prize & a birthday card especially from you, the magician.

Comes with the colourful gift bags, Secret Code cards, special envelope, bold number cards & instructions. Use your own money and gifts.

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