My Favourite Card Tricks by Harry Lorayne

My Favourite Card Tricks by Harry Lorayne

Product ID: 1926

Harry Lorayne crammed some of the slickest card magic into 68 fabulous pages.

Some of the classic routines included are: One Eyed Jack Sandwich, Colour Control, Out of My Control, Criss-Cross, Interlace Location, Impromptu Out Of This World, Hummer Addition, Aces Only - With Kings, Toss-In Reverse, Any Four of a Kind, Lorayne's Transposition Breakthough #1 and #2, Your Choice, Pseudo Memory #1 and #2.

Harry Lorayne describes the above fifteen favourite effects in detail with ordinary cards. Tricks that you can perform anywhere anytime and with any pack of cards and almost under any conditions.

Of the fifteen, only four start with the usual 'pick a card' opening. A rich seam of clever card tricks sold at a great low price.

68-page paperback book with black & white illustrations throughout.

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