Mind Merge - Mre

Mind Merge - Mre

Product ID: 1929

A fantastic close-up routine using laminated cards each of which contains different fantasy words and sentences.

Two spectators each receive a set of different laminated word cards and despite their having a free choice of how they deal them; they always succeed in exactly matching each other’s words or sentence, not once but FIVE times!

*An ideal effect for measuring supposed suitability between two spouses. Great for boy and girl relationships or for making dates with the opposite sex in which case you can become one of the people involved so that you win the date!

*No fakes are used. The magic happens while everything is in the spectator’s hands. No extra cards.

*It is difficult to give this routine the write-up it deserves – as the effect is absolutely astonishing! No sticky stuff.

*The cards are suitable for close-up work and they make a nice change from symbols and designs.

*A great ice breaker that you will love to perform – and do so often!

Comes complete with the ten word cards, the special key card & instructions.

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