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You patter about human beings being able to sense danger and offer a demonstration.

Six paper bags are on either your table or a large tray. You shake each bag and something is heard inside each one.

While you turn your eyes away, a spectator mixes up the line of bags so that they are in a random order. Now in a game of chance, the spectator and you each choose bags for the other player, alternately.

Each time either you or the spectator sits on the chosen bag flattening it completely.

Only one bag is left and it is your turn; but you explain this is the winning danger bag and you are about to claim your prize.

The bag is opened to reveal a genuine egg, or an egg, tomato and banana plus a genuine banknote! The egg is broken into a tumbler, the tomato and the banana are tossed to audience members who confirm they are genuine, and a lovely gag follows in which the banknote is pocketed by you the performer.

If either you or the spectator had sat on this final bag, you would have egged and otherwise messed up your derrière without question. A sensational and dramatic version of Russian roulette!

In another presentation, you sit upon only one bag chosen by a spectator.

All the others prove to have an egg, banana or tomato inside them, plus a vicious-looking spike.

Comes with a few sample paper bags to get you started, routine, performance rights & instructions. Use your own eggs, spike, banana and tomato as these are completely unfaked.

Egg-Citement is not sold to juveniles.

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