Flying Chips

Flying Chips

Product ID: 1936

A magical classic! Based on the ever-popular Patriotic Balls this is the ideal stand-up effect for small audiences, children’s parties and gambling events.

You place three plastic cups in front of you on your table, left, right and centre, showing each cup to be empty and they could be examined if you wish.

Besides each cup you place three poker chips.

The three on your left are coloured red, the centre three are coloured green and the three on your right are coloured blue. (Note: these colours are just an example and may vary from set to set).

Taking each of the nine poker chip in turn, you drop them one by one into their respective cups; three red chips in one, three green chips into the second cup and the three blue chips into the third cup.

On tipping the chips out of each cup in turn it is seen that magically they each now have one of each colour chip inside each cup.

One by one the chips are replaced into each cup so that they all have a red, green and blue chip inside each cup.

A magic gesture and the chips are again tipped out (by an audience member if you so wish); when it is seen that they are now back in their original order of three red chips in the left hand cup, three green in the centre cup and three blue in the right hand cup!

Everything is now left for the audience to examine without a clue to your mystery.

Comes complete with Poker Chips, Plastic Cups & instructions.

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