Odder & Odder

Odder & Odder

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If you are looking for a first class effect that is easy-to-do and yet is truly bewildering to your audience then this is the one for you!

Tommy Fredrick was a great pal and gave me several effects to market. This was a sequel to his fantastic Odd Man Out, but using only four playing cards so it is ideal for close-up, street performers and table-hopping.

You show four cards of a kind for example the sixes of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. Anyone names one of these cards, it’s a completely free choice and this card is placed in front of them or on their own hand.

The other three cards are shown one by one front and back and have, say, blue backs.

You explain that the spectator has chosen the only card with an odd back and when this is turned over it has a red back.

Three cards are left and again a spectator freely chooses any card which is freely shown to have for example a blue back, but again they have chosen the odd backed card because the two remaining cards have orange coloured backs.

It gets odder and odder!

Once more the spectator chooses either of the two cards left let us say he chooses one with an orange back leaving you with just one card – this time you have both got the odd card out because yours has a maroon coloured back, in fact all the four cards are seen to have different coloured backs from each other and they can all be passed for examination!

Only four cards are used no extras and no exchanges.

Comes complete with the cards, routine & instructions.

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