ESP Testing Card - pocket size, approx A6

ESP Testing Card - pocket size, approx A6

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Long off the magical market this splendid effect has been redesigned and is all ready for you to perform a mental miracle anywhere, anytime!

You show a single laminated double-sided ESP Testing Card on which there can be seen twenty-five different symbols.

Any number of spectators can take part from one to five. Each mentally chooses a design (no force) and then concentrates upon it.

You immediately start to describe the freely chosen designs and after feigning some difficulty finally reveal each one either verbally or by reproducing them on a pad with a black marker pen!

Please note: This is NOT another version of the Tossed Out Deck as good as that trick is; each spectator involved is genuinely thinking of a different design and you do identify each sign directly to that person. Remember,

•No force is used, no one ahead or similar.
•Each spectator makes their own selection.
•Can immediately be repeated using different designs.
•Design card can be freely handled and examined by the spectators.
•No memory work or mnemonics are required.
•Nothing else is used except the ESP Testing Card and if you wish an ordinary paper pad and marker pen (not supplied).
•Apparatus is supplied in two sizes; close-up approx. A6 (105 x 1400) or briefcase size approx. A5 (140 X 204) so takes up no room at all in your show bag!
•Entirely self contained and should last forever.

Complete with full instructions. A clever method and effect that is easy to do!

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