Happy Faces

Happy Faces

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Get Happy! To a story about a grumpy, grumbling school teacher four laminated picture cards (approx 4" x 5.5") are shown to each have a sad dropped mouth face, as you explain how he made all his pupils feel miserable!

However when this teacher left the school he was replaced by another one who had a happy face and kept telling jokes to make the pupils laugh.

Four cards are now shown to have happy faces as per illustration.

Both of the teachers are laid face up on your table or a spectator’s hand and as your logical story enfolds, the other three picture cards are also now shown and each has changed into a totally different uplifting picture!

An easy to do trick that illustrates the importance of happiness and is suitable for close-up, table-hopping or small audiences.

•Reset in a moment, Happy Faces is always ready to perform
•Cards are completely unfaked and so can be left for examination
•Only the five cards are used no extras, sticky stuff or anything similar
•The effect makes a big eye catching display at the finish

Comes complete with suggested patter, routine, cards & instructions.

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