Rising Match Box

Rising Match Box

Product ID: 1960

Similar to Devanos' rising matchbox but specially manufactured with a plastic matchbox and plastic matchsticks, this model is more hard-wearing and safe to carry in your pocket to entertain both children and adults.

The drawer and matchsticks rise out of the box and sink back at the performer’s command to the complete amazement of everyone!

The tray can be removed from the box which can then be shown to have nothing special inside it. No threads, wires, magnets or anything similar are used.

There are also several other matchsticks tricks, games, and puzzles that can offer you several hours of entertainment.

These have been compiled in the 24-page profusely illustrated booklet also supplied with the special matchbox and matches, so you really get a “Magical Entertainment Act” for the price of one trick!

Very easy to do and sold at a low pocket money price.

Only £4.99

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