Child Art Mystery - Jumbo Size

Child Art Mystery - Jumbo Size

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Colourful Mentalism that is suitable for both children & adults is difficult to find; this item fills both slots very nicely indeed.

Perfect for cabaret or stage and great for parties & schools!

You show four double-sided laminated plaques showing a total of sixteen Child Art Pictures.

From one to four adults or children each mentally selects one of the pictures – honestly; they just mentally THINK of a picture!

Just by showing the participants the names of all sixteen pictures you instantly know which picture each one has freely chosen and can correctly name each selection as if reading their minds!

No, this is NOT a Tossed Out Deck principle as good as that effect is, you do genuinely reveal not only the pictures individually; but also you reveal exactly which participant is thinking of which picture.
The effect can also be used as a Lie Detector Routine, a popular and exciting presentation that is fully explained in the instructions.

• Remember each participant has a free choice of picture and they reveal it to no one. Only four picture plaques are used.
• The Child Art Pictures are very colourful and have instant appeal for all age groups. All four plaques are freely handled by the audience.
• The effect is very easy to do requiring no skill.
• Child Art Mystery has been thoroughly tested on audiences and has proven a winner with both children (from about 8 years of age upwards) and adults.

The special laminated plaques will last a lifetime making this an excellent investment. Sold in three different sizes; Close-up, JUMBO and Giant.

The price of the jumbo size (approx 5.50 inches by 8.00 inches) is:

Only £11.95

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