Sock It!

Sock It!

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When I first published this idea in The Linking Ring, the late Harold Taylor, a professional magician for many years immediately contacted me to include it both in his act & USA lecture tour. Harold reported that it was a big success everywhere! I have updated the routine making it one of the most entertaining items in my show.

You show five balled-up socks; each has a different colour i.e. red, green, yellow, dark blue and light blue (colours may vary). Otherwise your hands are completely empty. Four spectators each choose a coloured sock. Please note: There is positively NO FORCE. They can also change their minds as often as they wish.

Each participant unrolls their chosen sock and reaches inside. Each finds just a ‘Hard Luck’ note, or if you prefer, a small prize for them to keep.

You unroll your sock and showing your hand completely empty, you reach inside and bring out a genuine £20 or £50 note!

Children’s entertainers can have the children find sweeties or other goodies inside their selected socks, while you have just “Silly old money!” or a doctor’s prescription for “Really nasty medicine”.

Please note: Sock It! is extremely easy to do, requiring just a little handling practice. It can be performed under almost any conditions, even in the nude! (Not recommended!) Nothing extra is used.

Comes complete with full instructions and the socks! Use your own money, notes or prizes.

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